Open For Business With the Help of a Local Attorney

Get your company up and running in Pittsford, New York

One of the first things you should have when starting a business is the right business attorney to guide you through the process. Brian R. Henzel, Esq can help. We'll advise you and assist in all legal matters related to forming, developing and operating your business. From creating business entities to revising documentation and giving sound legal advice, your endeavor will immediately be positioned for greater success with Brian R. Henzel on your side. Bring us onto your team for legal services including:

•Formation of a business plan
•Counsel and advice prior to any major decisions in business
•Legal guidance to keep the focus on the bottom line
•Representation for negotiations, contract disputes and other deals

Our team is happy to lend our expertise to assist you with all of this, and more. No matter the size or scope of your business, Brian R. Henzel can handle all of your business law needs. With flexible appointment times and convenient office hours, you'll never have trouble getting help when you need it. Schedule an appointment with Brian R. Henzel to discuss the needs of your business.

Navigate Civil Matters in Pittsford & Irondequoit, NY With Ease

Have a New York civil attorney on your side

Found yourself in the middle of a civil law matter and don't know where to turn? Look no further than Brian R. Henzel. We'll help you to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing Pittsford legal system, handling any disagreements relating to your civil dispute on your behalf to find a timely and satisfactory resolution to your case. Come to us for help with cases like:

•Landlord and tenant disputes
•Breach of contract
•Personal injury, and any other civil disputes you may encounter

Brian R. Henzel will thoroughly comb through the details of your case, fighting to protect your rights and put your best interests first when it comes to the courtroom. Call Brian R. Henzel 585-749-1612 to discuss your civil matter today!

Looking for a lawyer in the Pittsford & Irondequoit, NY area you can trust and rely on? Brian R. Henzel, Esq., PLLC has the experience and professionalism you need. Call 585-749-1612 for your consultation today.