Improve Your Financial Future

Improve Your Financial Future

Work with a bankruptcy attorney in Pittsford, NY

Are you drowning in debt? Does it feel like you'll never be able to pay it all off? If so, it may be time to consider bankruptcy. Fortunately, Brian R. Henzel, Esq can help you navigate bankruptcy law and guide you through the process.

We can also help you figure out how to avoid foreclosure or get out of credit card debt. Reach out to us today to work with a bankruptcy attorney with over a decade of experience. Our office is located in Pittsford, NY, but we can also travel to you if you'd prefer.

Learn more about our process

Bankruptcy law may seem confusing and overwhelming. Thankfully, you can rely on us to help every step of the way. We will:

  • Discuss your goals
  • Gather all relevant information from you
  • Advise you on the best course of action
  • Pull all necessary paperwork
  • Submit all bankruptcy petitions

Of course, bankruptcy isn't always your only option. You can trust us to discuss all your options with you.

Schedule a free phone or in-person consultation with our bankruptcy attorney today to get started. We have weekday and weekend appointments available. Please note that we'll require a signed retainment agreement and a down payment.